Hey, it's Josselyn 🙋‍♂️.

WordPress & WooCommerce Webmaster

In Canada 🇨🇦 , in Quebec & in France 🇫🇷!

Short story

I’ve been juggling codes and pixels as a webmaster and WordPress developer for over 10 years. I proudly wear the hat of independent, while holding the helm as president at Wycan and being the technical superhero at Capitale Web.

From time to time, I escape to freelance to save the day at some special clients. If you have a web mission in mind, do not resist the urge to contact me. A site to create or a bug?

Well, the web is waiting for us! 🕸️

The course

My adventure started as a computer maestro, juggling cables as a technician, then taking on the role of guardian of networks and servers. However, at the turn of a line of code, I discovered my true passion: the creation and development of websites!

For the curious, I revealed more details on my LinkedIn profile. It’s a bit like an open book of my digital journey! 📚

Companies with which I collaborated

An overview of my work?

All website creations can be consulted directly on the website my company WYCAN!

Let's talk ?

A question about WordPress?
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